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                        Module 01 Offer and Acceptance
                        Module 02 Consideration
                        Module 03 Terms of the Contract
                        Module 04 Certainty and Mistake
                        Module 05 Interpretation of Contracts
                        Module 06 Misrepresentation
                        Module 07 Exclusion Clauses
                        Module 08 Third Parties
                        Module 09 Vitiating Factors
                        Module 10 Termination of Contracts
                        Module 11 Assignment of Contracts
                        Module 12 Breach of Contract
                        Module 13 Choice of Law in Contract
                        Module 14 Contract Damages 1
                        Module 15 Contract Damages 2
                        Module 16 Frustration of Contracts
                        Module 17 Restitution
                        Module 18 Duty of Care in Negligence
                        Module 19 Causation in Negligence
                        Module 20 Damages in Tort
                        Module 21 Remoteness in Tort
                        Module 22 Economic Loss in Tort
                        Module 23 Economic Torts 1
                        Module 24 Economic Torts 2
                        Module 25 Choice of Law in Tort
                        Module 26 Equitable Remedies 1
                        Module 27 Equitable Remedies 2
                        Module 28 Equitable Remedies 3
                        Module 29 Jurisdiction 1
                        Module 30 Jurisdiction 2
                        Module 30 Jurisdiction 3
                        Module 31 Jurisdiction 4
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