Fees to 31 March 2024

These fees apply for all teaching work, whether it is in person or delivered remotely:

Lecture in London (up to 2 hours)* £500
Full-day course (up to 8 hours) £1500
Half-day course (up to 4 hours) £825
Preparation - day (to be discussed before incurred) £900

Fees from 1 April 2024

These fees apply for all teaching work, whether it is in person or delivered remotely:

Lecture in London (up to 2 hours)* £550
Full-day course (up to 8 hours) £1625
Half-day course (up to 4 hours) £875
Preparation - day (to be discussed before incurred) £1000


* One, two or three lectures on the same day in a single location outside London generally correspond to a full-day course for charging purposes, depending on the journey time.

Travelling expenses and VAT are payable in addition

Training Terms & Conditions from 1 April 2020


New courses or lectures – If a course or lecture prepared to your specification is cancelled I will be entitled to charge a fee for the work actually carried out at the preparation rate.

Courses or lectures on my standard list – No cancellation charge so long as cancellation takes place before I have started travelling to the venue. Otherwise, I will be entitled to charge a cancellation fee of one-half of the agreed delivery fee.

In all cases – I will be entitled to charge for travelling expenses actually incurred at cost.


If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service I provide, please contact me in the first instance. If we are unable to resolve the difficulty, I have a standing arrangement with another solicitor and legal skills teacher who will be willing to investigate your complaint should you wish to refer the matter to him. His details will be supplied in the engagement letter.


Any confidential information about the firm and its affairs or its clients and their affairs which I may learn as a result of my delivery of courses and lectures for the firm will be kept confidential except to the extent that I have a legal obligation to disclose such information.


Consumables such as pads of paper for delegates, flip charts and the like will be arranged by the firm at its expense.


All copying, binding and distribution of delegates’ materials and copying and delivery to teaching room of course handouts will be arranged by the firm at its expense.


I retain the exclusive copyright in all materials produced by me except where we expressly agree otherwise in writing.

Data Protection

I may hold certain personal data for the purposes of my practice. My registration reference is ZA180133. My website explains the rights of the data subject to obtain a copy of the data held.


All course delivery is carried out by me unless we agree otherwise in advance. Where, at your request, I employ additional tutors, applicable fee rates will be for each tutor.

E-learning media

Any e-learning media are supplied on my E-learning materials terms and conditions.


Hire of any teaching aids such as computer, webcast, video conference, projector, OHP, TV, cameras, DVD and video playback and any IT support required will be arranged by the firm at its expense.

Fees and disbursements

I am entitled to receive the amount of any agreed payment of fees, disbursements and VAT net without deduction of any withholding tax, bank charges or any other set off or cross payment. I will bill in UK pounds unless we agree in writing that I should bill in US dollars or Euros instead.

Fee rates

I propose to revise my fee rates with effect from 1 April in each year. No higher fee will be charged without prior notification.

Governing law

Our agreement is governed by and will be construed in accordance with English law.

Interest on invoiced sums

I may charge interest from the date 28 days after delivery of any invoice on the amount unpaid (including unpaid VAT or disbursements) at the rate set in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.


I will deliver an invoice after each course or lecture. These are payable within 28 days.


We each agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


Materials and teaching will be in English.

Legal advice

No legal or other advice is given by me to you or to any other person in materials supplied, in lectures or courses, in answer to questions or in any electronic media. None of these will necessarily provide information which is sufficiently precise or comprehensive for you to act or to advise your clients in any specific transaction or case. I have no obligation to update any of these should the relevant law, procedure or practice change.

Limitation of liability

My liability to the firm is limited to an amount equal to the fee agreed for the lecture or course in respect of which the claim arises.

Online delivery

For delivery by Zoom I can offer the use of my Zoom account for courses of unlimited duration with up to 100 participants. I am happy to discuss the use of other online platforms using the firm’s account.

Teaching rooms

Teaching accommodation and any residential accommodation, meals, refreshments and the like will be arranged by the firm at its expense.

Travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses

Travelling expenses (economy class air fare within Europe, business class outside Europe, standard class train fare into London, first class train fare on journeys other than to London), visa costs and, for overnight stays, reasonable accommodation and subsistence costs incurred by me will be reimbursed by the firm.


VAT is normally payable on all sums (including disbursements) payable in respect of lectures and courses delivered in the UK and, generally speaking, on preparation costs for lectures and courses even where they are delivered outside the UK and sometimes on delivery fees too. VAT may be payable in respect of delivery within other EU states at rates different to those which apply in the UK. The fees which I have quoted are all exclusive of VAT. My VAT Registration number is 836 5323 24.